July 27, 2009

Sooo late - Alameda Half!

by Suzy

D'oh! How did... ahem... two months pass since the See Jane Run Half Marathon? I dunno.

The race was fantastic. All mamajogs finished handily - and a few weren't so sure they would, due to illness, crazy work, injuries, etc. in the month preceding the race. I don't want to blather on - I think the photos tell the story. But of course, I have to offer a thousand thanks to all my fabulous gals who ran... to everyone that donated, or spread the word... thanks to Claudia for designing our awesome t-shirts, and to Court who gave us a great deal printing them... to all the spouses who spent many Sunday mornings alone with the kids while mamas ran... to Julie for documenting, to Mike for popping up all over the route to cheer and snap (and thanks for letting me use your some of your images) and on and on. All told (through two races, two events, and the simple act of asking loved ones to help) we've raised over $30,000 for Cure JM in the past year. I think that's pretty damned impressive.

Now, the photos!

Another late-night t-shirt painting session... they were barely dry...

Anna, are those Shot Bloks in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Pre-race warm-up silliness... and Art, trying not to drown in the sea of estrogen...

Heather, Barb, and Luca came all the way from Seattle to join us for the race!

Heather's sneaky way of catching a shot of an elderly couple in their pajamas, watching from their living room window.

For a while, we weren't sure if Lenny, Mielle and Lucien would actually make it before the race started... this is me finally seeing them and heading over for final hugs, just as the horn blew

And they're off!

One last sweet hug from Claudia before taking off. This just kills me.

Our great friends Gabriel and Kelly came from Vallejo to cheer us on - it was a surprise and it put a HUGE smile on my face! Thanks, guys!

Looking good, ladies!

Barb, hitting her stride...

Meanwhile, Kirsten was already kicking back with a cold one. She was recovering from a marathon the previous month, so she ran the 5k. I'm noticing how much more champagne she got... seriously... by the time we got ours, it was a tiny splash at the bottom of the glass! No fair! ; )

Hey Billy, ya got something stuck to your leg...

A slew of chillins! Thanks for entertaining the kids during the 2+ hour wait for us to cross the finish line. (It's true that no speed records were broken that day - but we finished, dammit!)

With my girl at the finish!

She immediately swiped my medal, and I had a hard time getting it back -- but I got it back - it's MINE!

A shout out from our man Lucien!

Couldn't do any of this without this guy. Love.

Lene (Mielle's best friend) ran with Claudia (her mom) in the last little stretch.

Claudia was on cloud nine, seriously - the highest runner's high ever in history, I do believe! She'd been in serious doubt as to whether she could finish - but she DID - because she is a Serious BadAss!

I pity the fool that tries to swipe HER medal!

Triumphant ladies. You are all wonderful, and amazing, and I love you!

Soooooo, when's the next race? : )